i owe solicitors £400 got a nasty message please help bailiffs?

hi about 1 month ago i got compensation from the criminal injuries board i got £1500 as my ex boyfriend smashed a speaker on my head, i went thro a solicitors company and i thought i was no win no fee…normally i thought the solicitors took the money out of your fee before you got it, but now i got a text message from the solicitors saying i owe them £400 if i don’t contact them they will take me to court and the bailiffs will come, im really scared as i no longer have £400 and im on benefits at the moment and no way i can afford to pay this… i could get a loan but its just a vicious circle as im not gonna be able to pay this..please help
i have asked a few people and they said the solicitor normally takes his fee before you get your money, im too scared to call the solicitors because im a soft person and i no ill end up saying ill give them so much when i no i cant afford it, yeah it is defo the solicitors because i have spoke to them on the number before when we was going through the claim…i would have never gone to the solicitors if i new they was going to take 25% of my money, i would have just gone straight to the criminal injury board my self

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    2 Responses to “i owe solicitors £400 got a nasty message please help bailiffs?”

    1. Messtin Says:

      Firstly, call the solicitors and confirm this is even from them. It could just be a SPAM text.

      If it is from them and you have to pay it make them an offer to pay a small amount each time you get your benefits.

      Ignoring it will not make it go away, you have to deal with this now.

      Good luck.

    2. Ed Fox Says:

      You imply that you won – so no win no fee does not apply to you. You’re obviously not very good at interacting with solicitor to ask him basic questions – like about his fee