i was hit by a van whilst on mt bike?

i was hit by a van driver back in 2009 the van driver was hit by a next car from behind and then the van driver went in to me and knocked me off my bike. Since then i have had three different solicitors the first was being investigated by Scotland yard and they came to my home and told me so. So i got rid off them promptly..Then the second one told me that the driver was only liable for twenty five percent off my injurers as i had stopped a burglary ten days before and when the police came as i was struggling with the bugler they put us both in handcuffs and made me sit on the floor. At which time the buglers accomplice came and kick me in the face and cut me on the eye lid. So the doctor the second solicitor had sent me to said my injury’s where mostly from this at this time i think i should tell you what injury’s i have. I have a slipped disk which is siting on my mane nerve from my spin so as things where starting to get complicated and i had never meet the second solicitors only spoke to them over the phone and they where located quit away from my home i thought it would be best if i got a solicitor in my own town. So i moved on to solicitors number three know they have sent me to a doctor and this one is saying i should have recovered from my injury;s with in six week;s and that my injury;s where caused by the bugler kicking me in the face but at this time i had not had the M.R.I scan so he was just going on my doctor;s note;s and what i had told him and the doctor;s note;s he was using only had two month’s off information in them after the accident i seen the last doctor in 2011 so i think he made a un informed decision and report. I was a site manager and machine driver in construction before the accident i have not worked properly since the accident i had just got married one month before the accident and me and my wife where trying for a next baby by I.V.F treatment know i am about to lose my house my wife and i could not tell you the last time me and my wife made love i am at the end please is there anyone who can help me with some advise on what to do or anyone where to go i am a good person and do not deserve this kind off treatment it feels as if all these solicitors that deal with accident law are all corrupt and both solicitors for and against are in it to gatherer. Also as i have been out off work so long am i in titled to some help from the liable insurers it has been two year’s this september all comments very much appreciated

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