I was served a summons and a letter of case management order.?

I was served a summons and a letter of case management order.?
I will be very clear….
I was in a car accident, rear ended someone, no insurance, my passenger after 3 years is trying to sue for personal injury. Received a few stitches under eye. Filed 17 days before statue of limitations in California so case was filed. Seen this person after accident and they were doing fine not longer after the accident.

Anyway I was hit with a summons which seeeeems very frivilous and as if it is being sent by a "oppurtunist" who is trying to get whatever it is they can.

How do I reply back to this summons and case management order. Please be detailed. I understand if this person would be reasonable and go hey here are my medical bills etc…and here are the actual numbers. But to attempt to sue for pain and suffering, loss of wages etc… is ridiculous. I have seen this person driving, looking like life was just fine, this is very suspicious to claim any pain and suffering, if anyone went through pain and suffering it would be me I lost a vehicle, was sued by the other parties whom a paid some money…How can I bring these people back to reality…

Thanks for all your responses, I contribute to yahoo answers all the time when it is something I feel I can contribute to….Thanks
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2 Responses to “I was served a summons and a letter of case management order.?”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Let’s be very clear – you were driving, no insurance and you had an accident in which a third party was injured.

    You are complaining about other people suing you and want THEM brought back to reality?

    If this person lost any time at work as a result of the accident, then they are perfectly within their rights to sue for loss of earnings. They had stitches, so a cut. Cut = Pain and suffering.

    How much that pain and suffering is worth is up to the court to decide. Loss of earnings can be quantified and proven just as medical bills can.

    Perhaps now you can come back to reality and understand why insurance is so necessary. Just thank your licky stars you didn’t kill someone.

  2. Josh Haslam Says:

    well buddy, driving without insurance is a big deal, first of all id be surprised if you didn’t lose your licence. furthermore, your passenger has the right to sue after that. a lot of people try to milk others these days, i’m not saying its the right thing to do its completely bull if you ask me. when you are summoned papers there should be a phone number on there. call that number.. 2ndly you should contact a lawyer asap for this case. other wise you could risk losing everything.. since your in Cali, i think the law there is that you don’t have to have the other party’s permission to record conversations and use them in court. I would try to find this person thats suing you and try and record a conversation and get some info out of him and try and have him say that hes fine and not injured then try to counter sue for pain and suffering/missing work for going to court and so on. good luck buddy