I was shot outside a niteclub while there was armed security on duty do i have a case?

while working security at a nightclub we escorted two men out the club and told outside armed security that they were a threat and to keep an eye on them. there job is to protect the premises and remove all threats by making them leave the area. they entered their vehicle drove maybe 30 ft. parked showed a weapon and opened fire. i was shot in the leg shattering my femur the bullet is still in my leg as well as a metal rod and screws.the armed agents never returned fire, witness reports say that the agents ran and ducked for cover like they weren’t on duty.Ten shots were fired and the agents claim they did everything in their power. do i have a personal injury case?
the armed security didn’t escort the men we (inside security) did the driver stopped and the passenger showed a weapon someone yelled out GUN but the situation could have been avoided if the armed security would have made them leave the premises

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5 Responses to “I was shot outside a niteclub while there was armed security on duty do i have a case?”

  1. Songbyrd JPA ✡ Jewish Lawyer Says:

    You have a case against the shooter for shooting you. You also have available to you workman’s comp. You would not have an individual case against the security guards, they come under the workman’s comp claim. Contact a personal injury attorney who handles workman’s comp.

  2. wartz Says:

    You have a case against the shooter.

  3. Common Says:

    You have a case against the shooter, not the club. Under your definition of their duty, they did everything they should have. They escorted these people to their vehicles, who then proceeded to leave. The security had no control over the fact that these persons stopped to fire shots before fleeing the scene.

    And crap, I’d run and duck for cover too. Their job description doesn’t include "wading through a storm of bullets". That’s for cops and military, not private security. Besides, what evidence do you have that the security even knew these guys were armed?

  4. demos_jones Says:

    If you were a customer at the club, you’ll have a hard time making a case against the club, armed security or not. Even though there is armed security, they are there to reduce incidents of violence, not eliminate it. Had you been shot inside the club, you could probably make a case, but once outside, the club’s liability is limited.

    But you mentioned that you were working security inside the club. Whether as a paid employee or as a volunteer, even as an independent contractor, that still comes under state employment laws, and you may well have a case of workman’s compensation against the club. You would need to check your state’s laws regarding it, and your state employment agency could help direct you to the information.

  5. bcnu Says:

    Yes, sue the people who shot you. Under most workmen’s compensation plans, you may NOT sue your employer or any other employees for being the cause of your unintentional injuries. That is the cost of having a no-fault insurance plan: they pay regardless of how you were injured on the job. The club and its insurance company may also have a claim against the shooters.