If a person wills to make definite contributions to society, will it happen?

Or is this yet another case of limitations of individual’s impact on the world, as elusive as wealth for some?
Hmmm…I’m getting some conflicting responses here. Some (men) have responded it is nearly impossible because there are bigger forces needed. I hope it isn’t assumption to think that women are naturally more well-versed in volunteering..

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3 Responses to “If a person wills to make definite contributions to society, will it happen?”


    any and every one can make a contribution to society. there’s 100s of thinks that a person can do to improve society. you can volunteer at hospitals, you can volunteer at homeless shelters, you can be a foster parent, you can be a big brother or sister, you can pick trash up off the side of the road,animal shelters always need help feeding,and walking, every block on every street has some elderly person one that needs help mowing or just a ride to the store. it does not take will it just takes action. will is cheap, actions are priceless

  2. Jay Says:

    It isn’t what you will. It’s what you do. It’s about action.

    Most people, as well meaning as they are, are not conciously willing to put out the effort and take the actions that make those types of contributions to society.

    It takes special individuals, who are willing to put the welfare of society ahead of their own. Mother Theresa was such a person.

  3. Jake Uden Says:

    You can’t will your way anyway. You have to act upon those wills and if you try hard enough and work at it than you MIGHT be able to achieve what you set out to achieve.

    There are however limitations, which include those of ability (i.e. skills, public backing, governmental influence) that will hamper your ability to achieve.