If God guides and leads astray whom he wills, then why do some Muslims get so angry when someone leaves Islam?

the Quran states that God will guide and lead astray whom he wills. why are there Muslims that get p*ssed when someone leaves Islam?

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8 Responses to “If God guides and leads astray whom he wills, then why do some Muslims get so angry when someone leaves Islam?”

  1. Leyla Says:

    That is wrong, nowadays muslims worry more about other peoples wrong doing, they need to take a look at themselves first and then talk. We are quick to tell people off and think we will get apreciation from Allah swt but its no point if we ourselves are not perfect. In Islam you should worry about yourself first instead of getting all egoistic and bossing outher muslims around when we ourselves are not the best and make mistakes everyday

  2. †SailorSteve† Says:

    Only the radicals do usually. Normal muslim people really don’t, at least the ones I know. You know what they say, insanity loves company

  3. Banned User Says:

    They’re quite intolerant, that’s why.

    I probably shouldn’t have said th-

    (This user has been terminated for blasphemous sayings against Islam. PRAISE ALLAH)

  4. Life Guru Says:

    I think the key here is the translation of one key term. A more accurate translation of the Quranic term Manyyasha would be, "according to His Laws". God has appointed Laws for the running of the Universe and the correct method to look at the will of God is to understand these laws. These Laws are detailed in the Qur’an for all to understand and act out. God in His mercy intervenes whenever He deem fit to further ease our burden.

    Besides save for a few sects the majority of Muslims get sad when one of their own leaves the true Deen as it should be.

  5. snaketareque Says:

    We do?

  6. Sam P Says:

    They angrily deni that they get angry!
    They have childish perverted egos.
    They have far far far more faith in lies and propaganda than in Allah.
    Life Guru
    They get SAD, when others leave Islam–So sad that they kill them. Right.

  7. nickname Says:

    muslims feel sad because they care about their brothers and sisters in islam
    when you see you brother/sister/best friend is being misguided, how will you react?

  8. Jedi Master MIK Says:

    They are fools, simple as that. They emphasize so much importance on ahadith that they forget what the Quran states in clear, unambiguous term multiple times. They try to reconcile the differences in the most twisted fashions too but they create more contradictions. Each hadith can easily be researched for context too yet they read whatever is written at face value w/o understanding, it is a shame.

    I hope this addresses your question.