Im a support worker and my client has filed a complaint saying all i do is drink coffee and smoke?

My client has said i do nothing to help her, that all i do is sit and drink coffee and smoke. This is not true at all. (I don’t even like coffee for a start) but she is a venerable adult and her mum puts alot in her head. Her mum has been her main carer up until me arriving a few months ago. Her mum has told her that she feels pushed out and that no one is informing her of anything. Anyway, i spoke to my client at the weekend and she was upset with her solicitors and things they had said to her mum. They had told her mum not to say anything to her, but she had done, then she told me but asked me not to say anything as they would stop telling her mum things and it would cause them to fall out. I spoke to the solicitors and did tell them as i am obliged to, due to the trouble it caused. (my client has a brain injury) . I think now that the reason my client put this complaint in about me because i have spoken to the solicitors after she asked me not to. I have gone above and beyond for this patient, and don’t ever have a break. I do nip out (2mins) for a cigarette whilst she is buy doing other things (getting dressed / eating lunch etc) but other than that, i spend my whole shift with her. I do have daily reports to prove what we have worked on, but i have been given the week off with full pay whilst they investigate. (they Always automatically believe the patient)…my problem is…where so i stand? Can i be sacked for this false allegation?
she has more to do with the solicitors who are the ones who make a decision, the company i am employed by, have a commitment to me.When i spoke to my manager, she said that even if they decide for me to go back,that if she was me, she’d refuse and ask to be placed with another client.

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One Response to “Im a support worker and my client has filed a complaint saying all i do is drink coffee and smoke?”

  1. Nahum Says:

    Not sure what to say about your actual situation, but I’d say you’re in the wrong line of work if your clients have that much more clout with your superiors than you do.

    Don’t make too much of their decision. If I were your boss, I wouldn’t want you working for someone who didn’t appreciate your efforts.