I’M RUINED what shall i do?

I was in the petrol station and just about to leave when suddenly I realised that somebody blocked my car. when I mean blocked I mean half in the petrol bay half blocking me. I thought it was very silly the way he parked because nobody could put petrol and I couldn’t move out.

now I got to say that I made the biggest mistake and regret of my entire life.
i wish that i should had reversed back and ignored the situation and went home but instead i went to the counter where he was standing 8th person in line wait to pay for milk not petrol.

I simply ask him if he could move his car so I could move out but he refused by saying "no why should i" and told me to wait, i told him that it was wrong the way he parked and it was not fare to the other person putting petrol in or me if i wanted to go.

now petrol station staff realised what was going on and put him first place in line, nobody said anything and he payed and was leaving but he started swearing and i swore back at him. as he opened the door of the pump station to go to the car he stopped in the door way,
at this time i had calmed down but he wasn’t letting me go anywhere so i asked if he can let me go and he replied no.

we were there pushing and shoving a bit childish, next thing you know he’s back kicked me in the balls with his back facing me and i retaliated and punched him as soon as he turned around.

i only hit him twice but he kick and punched me several times and continued after that his wife even got involved and start to punch me in the face and threatening to kill me if they ever see me again.

this was stopped due to another customer being involved but then his wife noticed a cut on his eyebrow and asked for the police to be called.

the police came and viewed the CCTV cam and arrested me for causing ABH.

when i asked police if they saw the other fella blocking me and back kicking me between the legs they told me they couldn’t see it from the angle of the camera and only saw me punching twice. but did not take into consideration how much he hit me afterwards and the fact that his wife hit me too and threatened to get me killed

i am 5 foot 9 inches and he is 6 foot 4 inches appox and the police said i hit him first and his injuries were much worse then mine he suffered cut to the eyebrow.

i couldn’t get any witnesses as they all went home when they saw the police, the only person they asked for a statement was the cashier who didn’t see much and relied on facts shown up on CCTV

i am 30 and have never been in trouble with the law before and i really felt like a criminal, i was DNA tested, finger/hand print tested and got my photo taken. all these details are on file for the rest of my life.

i was put in a cell for 3 hours.

after this i got to see a solicitor who heard me out, she told me it was best to admit that i hit him and i couldn’t use the terms self defence as they didn’t see him kicking me.

so i told the police i hit him. my interview was over and now i’m on bail for a couple of months. i was told that if he doesn’t get stitches it might be a caution but if he does it might be a conviction.50/50 both cases

i really regret what happened and i’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

if i get a conviction i will lose every thing, my employers will terminate my contract, i will lose my house as i won’t be able to pay mortgage,
i have 4 kids, I’m going to lose every thing because nobody is going to give me a job with a conviction.

i worked very hard in my life and got everything but now everything is going to be taken away and i will lose every thing.

i deserve what happen but what about my kids and wife, they don’t deserve this.I’ve lost everything.

i am depressed and stressed out because i’m worried what might happen to my family. when i see my wife i notice that she’s very sad and cries behind my back. everything in the house i bought is all hard earned cash which we both worked hard to earn.

i have ruined her dreams too.

i just don’t know what to do.

somebody told me i can go on benefits but i refused because i like to work, i work hard and pay my taxes.

if i do get a conviction my employer will have to terminate my contract, because I told him what happened.

i am ruined

you may say what ever you wish about me i deserve it.

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10 Responses to “I’M RUINED what shall i do?”

  1. Riley Says:

    Wow mate, all this drama for just getting a couple of bucks of gas.

    Listen, shut up settle down and have a couple of glasses of wine and a cigarette and chill out.

    Your just making a mountain out of a mole hill. Believe me nothing you mentioned is going to happen to you at all, so just chill and just move on.

  2. maitraya Says:

    Sounds like you’re screwed. But you’re a better man than me taking a shot to the nuts and still being able to throw punches

  3. Ding dong, I'm Sparticus 2. Says:

    You can still call on the shop staff as witnesses…..As you haven’t been in trouble before you won’t get judged too badly anyway. Seems like the other guy and his wife were low life scum…(shame you didn’t really hurt him…. but good you didn’t from a legal standpoint). Most problems pass, besides, someone has to stand up to the thugs and it appears you were acting in self defence….So DON’T BE HARD ON YOURSELF!

  4. Electrobird Says:

    Sorry about that. But don’t ruin your day, if there’s a 50% chance, talk with the judge and try to explain about your family. You might get away with it.

    I’ve saw a pedestrian being dragged on the street by his arm and almost killed by the driver of a car here in San Francisco. The driver got angry because the other guy lightly tapped on the hood to ask the driver to stop pushing through the pedestrians on the crossing lane. Don’t argue with people you don’t know. You can actually be killed.

  5. Captain Falcon Says:

    Get a good lawyer. A good lawyer can make even the pope look like the worst person on the planet. So in your case he can bring out the truth of what really happened.

  6. CLIVE H Says:

    sounds to me you took on a member of the warrior class and lost.

    Advice from a serial survivor – before opening fat mouth to anyone, check their height and weight. Check also thickness of neck, if heavy and musular, remain silent, no matter what, because this bastard is going to pick you up and throw you across the street.

    Good luck and stop putting yourself down.

    Go stand in front of a mirror and repeat these words as fast as you can,

    RED LEATHER, YELLOW LEATHER. Until you are word perfect. Next time out say these words instead. They will just think you are an escape loonatic and leave you alone.

    Keep mouth open as though catching flies and make duh sounds.

  7. Andy Biker Says:

    From what you say I think your behaviour was perfectly reasonable. he assaulted you and you fought back. Provocation.

    From a moral stance I don’t think you have anything to feel bad about.

    Get a good lawyer, better than the current one you have, who seems like a wet piece of lettuce. No get a VERY good lawyer.

    Get a copy of the video, or get your lawyer to get it. If the police are right that you can’t see the initial attack from the other guy then that can be shown in evidence that there is nothing to DISPROVE your assertion that he was the cause of the problem, and that you were acting in self defence.

    Consider a private prosecution against him for assault, and also sueing him for assault and lost earnings.

    Don’t take it lying down – fight your corner, and don’t let these low-life scu m beat you.

    If this is affecting your mental health then get down to the doctor and get some antidepressants – they work.

    good luck.

  8. diamonds24 Says:

    Can you get some free legal advice? Or pay for a good lawyer?

    I was wrongly accused of assaulting someone and I got off after some legal advice (it was self defence as in your case).

    Please get some good legal advice.

  9. dan Says:

    Big brother to the rescue. If You want it screwed up call a cop.
    Remember the cops are there to Protect and serve.
    Good luck, I agree that You should have given Him a hard time.

  10. Tyler Says:

    get a good lawyer.

    there must be good case law in Britain that your lawyer could use as a defence….

    and if he kicked you in the balls, obviously there must have been a reaction from you… like you stumbling backward grasping your crotch…