Insurance claim after 2 years, false claim, pretending they have an injury, help?

In November 2009, a pedestrian was in the middle of the road during the night time (8pm) as I pulled off, going like 2-3mph he basically put his hands on my bonnet and as I got out to see if he was okay he tried to attack my cousin for saying "why are you lying" then he said my legs broke and did a fake role play which know one believed, so I told my cousin to stay with him and went to move the car to a side road and a car was behind me so I went all the way around to come back to the main road as I couldn’t reverse and they was not there. I called my cousin to see where he was and he said the man is chasing him.

He reported me to the Police back then for doing a hit and run but I never, the Police let me go because it was a false report. Now, 2 years later, I receive a letter from my Insurance company that the man is trying to make a claim with a solicitor and all sorts. I don’t no what to do! Will he win?
He is not telling them what I’m explaining, hes trying to say I did a hit and run. Also he has a solicitor to support him, my insurance is reviewing this but does not give me any possibility answers. Who has a stronger side?

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    2 Responses to “Insurance claim after 2 years, false claim, pretending they have an injury, help?”

    1. muleyone Says:

      The police report will probably be the determining factor.

    2. Monica Magni Says:

      There are several website where you can compare quotes, I found this one very useful