Insurance legal address?

I have full cover car insurance during the man did not signal and fail to stop turns left and hit my car, the police reported said that was his fault and gave him a ticket and the damage of my car is ,853. dollars.

A lawyer sent my son and I to see a doctor for two times but the doctor stop see me and my son because the lawyer withdraw my case before he sign the agreement with me because the driver’s insurance refused the claim.

My own insurance estimate my car repair 0.00 and sent me a check for 0.00 dollars after 0.00 dollars deductible.
After the driver contested the police report was not succeed then the driver’s insurance estimate my car repair ,000.00 dollars and offer pay halt of it personal injury is 0.00 dollars each claim. I refuse them all because not enough to fix my car.

I complaint with insurance commissioner and both insurances reposed to the insurance commissioner office that they willing to pay to fix my car and they will come to the car repair body shop to re estimate and pay the different to fix my car. The insurance commissioner closed the case after their letters and I was so happy that my car will be fixed. But the fact that non of them come to the car repair shops or willing to pay the estimate from the car repair shops. The car repair shops did not want to write a verify what were happened because they don’t want to upset the insurance companies since they are doing business with them in many different cases.

It i had been more than a year and my car still not fix. 31, December 2009 I file a small claim against the driver and my insurance Access general and the driver’s insurance Allstate.

My problem is I live in California and the head quarter of both insurances are in different states and I could not get the legal addresses of them in California to serve them properly.

Please help!!!

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