is it too late to appeal if the accident happened 2 years ago?

I had a very minor accident happened on June 2006, my car was estamated at ICBC with damage of 760 dollars, the other car was 480 dollars somthing. They later on claimed personal injury which was a lie.

I did not know what to do as I was new to the country and didn’t know many people. Now that I really need to drive, and I got to know that I am surcharged 30% with over 4000 dollars annually to pay.

I am told that I have to start driving to collect safe driving discount (5% each year), soI am driving and start paying over 300 dollars monthly insurance. Its really quite heavy on me and I really want to take my class 5 road test. Anyone know what I could book the test? or if I could appeal the case?

Sorry for the Long question

thank you
Thank you guys, that’s pretty fast answers you’ve got. (Sorry, not quite sure where to follow and reply to the topic)

I am at Vancouver, BC.

When you said Agent, did you mean the claim adjuster? (I really hate these adjusters by the way, they don’t seem care about anything at all).

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3 Responses to “is it too late to appeal if the accident happened 2 years ago?”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    From what I understand there is no case to appeal. If the police said the accident is your fault, you have like 30 days to go to court and see a judge, and the judge can decide if its your fault. But if it happened 2 years ago there is nothing you can do

  2. jresh Says:

    It depends on what state you’re in. Call your insurance agent. They’ll be able to tell you. Were you injured? There is a statute of limitations for filing a claim.
    Definitely call your agent.

  3. sLucky Says:

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