Jones Act law : A Maritime Worker's Best Friend

Took away your job and you did not know what were you going to do next… Could you still sustain the growing need of your family? Losing a job was harder than finding one. Once you have one in your hands you will do everything not to lose it. There were several industries around the globe, and were growing rapidly, this was due to the growing needs of the society. The growing industry was in demand of the workers to do various task covered by a certain industry regardless of the area of an industry. Each of those industries has different working routines, give a focused to the maritime industry which was one of the largest industry. The said industry was also told to be one engaged at a high risk. Primarily working routines was the common reason of the occurrence of accidents and personal injuries. Compared to other workers, maritime industry workers were working long number of hours from the regular working hours, they were also working away in an open ocean for couple of months, these may result to inadequate medical attention that may end in a personal injury.

To have response to this issue and to secure the safety of the maritime workers, on 1920 by Senator Wesley Jones, the Merchant Maritime Act was passed or commonly known as the Jones Act Law. Because of the said law, maritime workers who were working in land maritime sites, ferry or water taxi , tanker or cargo ship, offshore rig, tugboat or barge, they could have peace of mind that in the event that accidents or an injury may came on their way the would not end up neglected by the company where they were rendering their services.

The workers considered Jones Act law as their best friend, their protection as long as they were under the maritime industry. The law stated that claims and the privileges a maritime workers have in the when they began to stepped and chose maritime industry as the part of their lives. There were instances when a worker sufferers an accident ad received compensation and assessment from the company but in fact didn’t follow what the stated claims under Jones Act law, and because of the said law maritime workers would receive what they deserved on the risk that they were engage and suffers because of rendering their services and giving their loyalty to the company.

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Life seems to unpredictable, those who were not expected will came to life. For the workers rendering services to a maritime industry Jones Act Law was their shield while soaring the dangers of the open ocean.
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