Jones Act Law The Key To Your To Your Survival

Your life was bound with various obstacles that we could not rum away. Every day there were several innovations that came to life in different part of the world that may affect your life, the demand for the productions was increasing so as the demand of the workers that made this production possible. All over the world their were different industries that was working to sustain the needs of the society and each of them has different level of risk attached to the workers lives. They sustain the needs of the people through products they were producing at the same time the source of income through their compensation for rendering the service but there were risk aw well.

Maritime industry one of the fast growing industry, largest and eventually one of the riskiest industry. Maritime industry includes enterprises engaged in the business of designing, acquiring, constructing, manufacturing, operating, supplying, managing and operating shipping lines, marine repair shops, shipping and freight forwarding services and similar enterprises. Among other industries, the said industry was counted as one of the riskiest because of the working routine practice by the workers. The workers were working longer numbers of hours compared to the regular number of working hours, they were exposed to various chemical components while working, often time maritime workers were working away to the open sea for a couple of months or longer which results to lack of adequate medical attention and later on will be the cause of health complexities. These were the common reasons which leads to accidents and personal injuries which you cannot avoid when working on the said industry. It was not convincing you turn back to maritime industry but it was the way of putting you to a realization.

On 1920 by Senator Wesley Jones passed the law to have a response to the needs of the maritime workers to the risk that they were engaged. It was the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 which stated the rights and privileges or the workers, the occurrence of accidents and personal injuries could not be avoided but possibility negligence may be responded. The law was commonly known as the Jones Act Law. You were entitled to a full compensation under the Jones Act Law for the impact the injuries have on their livelihood if they were injured. In land maritime injuries, ferry or water taxi injuries, tanker or cargo ship injuries, offshore rig injuries, tugboat or barge injuries, fishing trawler injuries and work boat injuries were some of those covered by the Jones Act Law.

Always know your rights to survive the calling of life’s obstacles.

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Life seems to unpredictable, those who were not expected will came to life. For the workers rendering services to a maritime industry Jones Act Law was their shield while soaring the dangers of the open ocean.
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