Know How a Personal Injury Claim Solicitor Can Help You

UK is not different from other countries wherein accidents are a day to day situation on the road, work and at home. These misgivings can result to mild or serious injuries. Although this in itself is quite disturbing, in many cases, as a victim of an accident or mishap, you’re entitled to make a personal injury claim with the help of an injury claim solicitor.

Everyone has a right to claim compensation for a personal injury they’ve suffered because of the carelessness of another party. But always keep in mind that you need to do this task within 3 years upon the conception of the incident. You cannot declare any compensation if you make the claim after 3 years of the accident according to UK law. In the case of minors, the victims have up to 3 years after they’ve turned 18 to file a claim.

You can claim compensation for any kind of personal injuries. Such injuries include:

a road accident injury injury while using machinery at your workplace damages resulting from a work-related illness injury due to the lack of maintenance of roads, sidewalks, parks, etc.


The quantity of compensation that you will obtain in case you win the claim varies as each claim is unique. You can get hundred to a few thousand pounds depending on the degree of the injury itself and the degree of the accident’s impact to your life.

If you are certain that you’re not the one who’s at fault for the accident then you have the right to file a claim. The first thing you need to do is to employ a reputed and competent injury claim solicitor to handle your case. In the UK, there are solicitors and law firms that specialise in personal injury claims. These solicitors will direct you about the documents required for filing a claim – like medical reports, bills, police reports and witnesses’ testimonies. They are also knowledgeable in quantifying the amount you may obtain if you win the proceedings. Preferably, you have to rely on your injury claim solicitor’s word on the quantity you can get because they are experts in that area and they are experienced enough to know the probable amount of settlement.

For your advantage, some personal injury claim solicitors in the UK work on a no fee no win basis. This implies that if the solicitor wins the case, their fees are not subtracted from the compensation amount you get, but as a substitute they are paid by the losing party’s insurance company. However, in case you lose, your personal injury claim solicitor will get no fee at all.

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