Law Homework?? PLz help?

Glen retains Holly, an attorney, on a contingent-fee basis to seek 0,000 in damages in a personal-injury suit against Interstate Shipping Corporation. Glen wins. He must pay
a.Holly’s fee, court fees, and other expenses.
b.neither Holly’s fee nor court fees and other expenses.
c.Holly’s fee only.
d.court fees and other expenses, but not Holly’s fee.
Ilsa files a suit against Jack. The document that sets out the ground for the court’s jurisdiction, the basis of Ilsa’s case, and the relief that Ilsa seeks is
a.the summons.
b.the answer.
c.the complaint.
d.the service of process.
Indelible Fabrics, Inc. (IFI), makes "Jean’s Denim," a famous brand of clothing. Without IFI’s consent, Ken begins to use "jeansdenim" as part of a domain name. IFI files a suit against Ken. According to the court in Case 3.1, Rio Properties, Inc. v. Rio International Interlink, under the Constitution, service of process requires
a.notice to the defendant and an opportunity to respond.
b.privacy between the litigants and publicity in the judgment.
c.equality and fairness in adjudication.
d.liberty and justice for all.
All-USA Imports, Inc., disputes the use of "" as a domain name by All-USA Overseas Exports, Ltd., and files a suit to resolve the dispute. According to the court in Case 3.1, Rio Properties, Inc. v. Rio International Interlink, under the Constitution, service of process must be by
a.traditional means only.
b.e-mail only.
c.whatever means is reasonably calculated to do the job.
d.e-mail and traditional means.
Opal files a complaint in a suit against Phil, and he files an answer. The case may now be
a.dismissed only after a trial begins.
b.resolved only after a trial ends.
c.dismissed or settled at this point.
d.settled only during a trial.
Linda files a suit against Kate. Kate denies Linda’s charges and sets forth her own claim that Linda breached their contract and owes Kate money for the breach. This is
a.a crossclaim. affirmative defense. irrelevant response.
d.a counterclaim.
Ann files a suit against Beta Products, Inc. Beta responds that even if Ann’s statement of the facts is true, according to the law Beta is not liable. This is
a.a motion to dismiss.
b.a motion for summary judgment.
c.a counterclaim.
d.a motion for judgment on the pleadings.
Cody files a suit against Delta Corporation. Delta responds that it appears from the pleadings the parties do not dispute the facts and the only question is how the law applies to those facts. Delta supports this response with witnesses’ sworn statements. This is
a.a motion for judgment on the pleadings.
b.a counterclaim.
c.a motion to dismiss.
d.a motion for summary judgment.
In Ed’s suit against First National Bank, the discovery phase would include all of the following except
a.Ed’s requests for First National’s admissions.
b.First National’s replies to Ed’s interrogatories.
c.Ed’s complaint.
d.Ed’s deposition.
Standard Supplies Company files a suit against Tool Maker, Inc., over a contract. Before the trial begins, Standard can obtain from Tool admission of the truth of matters unrelated to the contract.
b.accurate information about Tool’s trade secrets.
c.access to related documents in Tool’s possession.
d.none of the above.
In Kay’s suit against Local Industries, Inc., the jury returns a verdict in Kay’s favor. Local Industries files a motion stating that even if the evidence is viewed in the light most favorable to Kay, a reasonable jury should not have found in her favor. This is a motion for
a.a judgment in accordance with the verdict.
b.a new trial.
c.a judgment on the pleadings.
d.judgment n.o.v.

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  1. George S Says:

    These are my understanding, not absolutely so:

    38. Depends on protocall of the state in which the suit is filed.
    39. c
    40. c
    41. c (probably)
    42. c (possibly a.)
    43. d
    44. a
    45. a