Legal advice- court hearing and no solicitor?

One year ago I was involved in a car crash with another vehicle. I got my claim for repair from insurance company but also wanted to claim personal injury, matter has arrived to court and I now noticed that I have no legal representative, this is because the court does not know I have a legal representative and I have hearing in two days. What do I do? Wil I have to cover all the costs as I am the defendant or wil my insurance company pay for all the costs? Wil I have to pay personally?

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One Response to “Legal advice- court hearing and no solicitor?”

  1. jslinderml Says:

    Assuming you do have a lawyer, he or she can show up to court and advise the court as to his/her participation in this matter (although they should have done so). If you do not have a lawyer, get one.

    As to costs, no way to know as it depends on the details of the accident.