legal general england help please!?

1. if a firm of solicitors who you are battling send details about my family and i to a fax number that does not belong to me, and lie about it to the court and i can prove this, is this a breach of confidentiality?

2. what is best way to stop or defend a civil restraint order. what if this is just a tactic because they are afraid of a much bigger law suit?
3. can one ask a judge to get judgement on liability of admission personal injury even if the other side have indicated they intend to withdraw this and have applied to do this?
4. if a firm fail to issue schedule of costs to me before a hearing is this ground enough to get their costs against me dismissed?
5. can one declare bankruptcy even if one does not have a business, or savings etc. people who are unemployed or low income?

I am very grateful for this. But please do not write to me advsing me to go to a lawcentre or a citizens advice bureau etc. or to go to a solicitor. thankyou for reading.

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One Response to “legal general england help please!?”

  1. 65% water Says:

    It’s obvious you need legal advice, but since you refuse to hear that you need legal advice, what can total strangers do for you?