Looking to Study LLB(HONS) through ICS/Distant learning?

I am 23, and would like to study Law, with a view of becoming a solicitor. I have previously worked within Insurance and have in depth knowledge of the personal injury spectrum/WOOLF protocol. However i would want to practice this as a solicitor.

Since I have never been to uni, I do however have a BTEC ND in computing, and an NVQ level 3 in Business Admin.

My question really is to see if there is any financial help out there for people like me. I have no children, and I am currently employed.

Could i get say a student loan, or any other government funded grants etc.?

Sorry forgot to mention , I am in the UK!

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One Response to “Looking to Study LLB(HONS) through ICS/Distant learning?”

  1. I have issues Says:

    Hi, I like you have done Business Admin and also worked in a insurance dept! I am on my 3rd year of my LLB. You can do it part time at uni- and get a student loan, you can become a mature student and join that way through experience. Or if you really want to do it at home, you can contact the Open University. There is also a company called ICS – they are all home learning degrees:


    Good luck
    You will find it difficult to get funding if you work full time btw