Making a Claim Using These Easy Steps

Making a claim is considered to be hard if you do not have any one to guide you. This article will act as your guide by elaborating on some easy steps through which you can make a claim.

Step  #1 – For road accident claims report the accident to the local law enforcement authorities so that the law officials file an accident report and give the copy to you. This report is needed by the courts and insurance companies when a claimant is filing a road accident claim. For work accident claims report the accident to your boss who will enter the details into an official work injury book. Each and every employer in UK is required to keep a record of work injuries in a book by law.

Step  #2 – As soon as possible seek medical help for your injuries. If you or the other party has been injured seriously on the road then call an ambulance. If you have been injured at work then follow the protocol and visit the doctor at work. If needed then visit a general practitioner to get your injuries checked. Always remember to get even minor injuries checked and remember to visit a doctor if you notice any new symptoms.

Step  #3 – While making a claim you will need to find a witness who has seen the accident occur. If you have been injured at your work place then find a co worker who has seen the entire accident and who is ready to testify in front of authorities if needed. If the accident has occurred on the road then find a passerby who has witnessed the accident.

Step  #4 – Hire a personal injury solicitor who will help you make a claim easily. The solicitor will not only file your claim application but he will also ensure that your claim application is accepted. Since personal injury solicitors do not charge any fees while making claims for claimants you do not need to worry about paying any heavy legal fees. Free legal help is also known as the no win no fee and no obligatory services.

Step  #5 – While making a claim remember that you have up to 3 years from the date of the road or work place accident to file the claim but you should try to file the claim within a month or two since by waiting for too long you can forget important claim related information. You should also remember that road claims are accepted only when the claimant is not at fault. In the case of work accident claims, at times if the claimant is partly at fault then his claim may also be accepted but in most cases the claimant should not be at fault for the accident.

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