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I was growing that I was away to my father because he need to work offshore to sustain the needs of our family. My father was working almost 18 years in a maritime company and he was working offshore for several months. It makes me sad every time he would went away again, I always missed him and the father and daughter bonding between us that for me nothing could replace.

It was the great risk his work brought that makes me bother and worried for him too much at the same time my mother does. When I was watching a television one night, there were bunch of news about offshore accidents, ships collides, tanker on fire, workers suffers personal injuries and several various accidents.

It was a sleep night thinking of those incidents and began asking my self – What will happened to them after the accidents or a personal injury? Would they recover? How about their family and their source of livelihood? Series of questions began popping in my mind those moments.

Merchant Marine Act of 1920 by Senator Wesley Jones, this was the law passed as a response to the issues regarding maritime industry, and different cases like maritime employee suffered accident of personal injuries. The said law was also known as the Maritime Law which states the rights of a maritime employee depending on its working status. The facts that I discovered on my research.

“As a maritime employee, must be responsible to know his privileges and claims if something unexpected happened to him.” My father told me when he spend a vacation with us last week. “An advice from a Maritime Lawyer from a quality Maritime Law Firm was very important to make once mind in peace.” He began to add.

The significance of having a maritime lawyer was, you will became aware of your possible claims you’ll have if you met an accident of a personal injury during work. In addition, the said type of lawyers were focused on the concerns involving the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. Having a lawyer didn’t mean you should suffer an accident first, it would be an advantage if you will contact one as early as you can. In selecting a lawyer always consider the performance and the background, doing a little research first won’t do any harm. Then take a glance on the Maritime law firm a maritime lawyer came from for additional references. Be always wise so that negligence that would be avoided that would end you up helplessly.


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