Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Top Ottawa Lawyers and Ontario Lawyers for Personal Injury

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer- David Hollingsworth…The whirlwind process of sifting through Ottawa lawyers and Ontario lawyers after an accident to find the right one is often plagued with potential pitfalls.  For many, their accident or injury is the first time they have had to deal with lawyers and they do not know the protocol.  If you can avoid a few things when selecting from the pool of Ottawa lawyers and Ontario lawyers, you can ensure that your legal action is victorious and the process is bearable. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  Some Ontario lawyers and Ottawa lawyers may try to lure you in by presenting themselves as successful.  They may have expensive cars and their office may be exquisitely decorated, but make no mistake, this does not reflect on their skills and experience as a lawyer.  Likewise, a minimal office and conservative car does not mean anything either.  Be sure that you are not judging your lawyer by appearances instead of expertise. 

Don’t hire a lawyer based only on referrals from friends.  Of course, when your friends refer you to their Ontario lawyers and Ottawa lawyers they have nothing but your best interest in mind.  However, your friends may have varied reasons for making this referral.  Perhaps this lawyer did well for their case, but the case and details were very different than yours.  Another possibility is that your friend got along really well with this lawyer and is recommending them based on their good rapport.  While a good rapport with your lawyer is essential, it is no substitute for experience.  Taking your friend’s recommendation could leave you with a lawyer that is not right for you, and your frustration as a result of this fact could put undue strain on your friendship.  So consider each candidate carefully, referred or not, before you make your decision. 

Don’t forget to check his track record and trial experience.  Track records do not lie.  Find out how many of his cases he wins, and if there are more wins than losses, you can be confident that they will win your case for you.  Also, make sure that they are willing to take your case to court.  Ontario lawyers and Ottawa lawyers without trial experience, and who would rather settle than go to court, are not a good choice.  You want to know that your lawyer will stand by you if the insurance company refuses to pay what you deserve and that if all else fails, they will take them to court. 

Don’t be drawn in by advertising.  Novel ads and spirited commercials might be a good way to discover Ontario lawyers and Ottawa lawyers, but they do not really tell you much about the lawyers themselves.  If you decide to use a lawyer based on their advertisements, be sure to investigate them fully before hiring them.  Ensure that all of their advertised claims are true, and find out their experience with cases like yours.     

Don’t forget to have backups.  Depending on one person or Ottawa or Ontario law firm to work on your behalf can be nerve-racking, so when you research potential Ontario lawyers and Ottawa lawyers, be sure to keep a few backups on hand.  In the case that you and your lawyer are not seeing eye to eye, or your lawyer refuses to take the insurance company to court, you need a list of vetted options to fall back on. 

As one of Ottawa’s top personal injury Ottawa lawyers, David Hollingsworth has been with Goldberg Stroud LLP, an Ottawa law firm of more than 50 years. Over 10 years ago, David decided to specialize in personal injury because he found that working one on one with clients and making a tremendous difference in their lives was what motivated him to continue to research best practices in personal injury law and network with other Ottawa lawyers and as a result he is now one of the top personal injury Ottawa lawyers. Visit www.ottawainjury.ca
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