Moving out of state and getting a divorce ?

I am planning to mve out of state and I am about to go through a divorce. My spouse and I don’t have any assets together and we already agreed on a prenuptial amount of spouse alimony. Is it possible for me to go through a divorce while living in another state? in other words..should I stay put in the state where we are filing for divorce?

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    2 Responses to “Moving out of state and getting a divorce ?”

    1. tlogan Says:

      Yes, you can move and still get divorced. Two things you might want to consider:
      1) What are the residency requriements of the state you currently live in and the one you are moving to?
      2) How much are the filing fees in each state?

      To file for a divorce you need to meet the residency requirements of the state you are filing in. If your spouse is staying in the state you are moving from, it will probably be pretty easy to divorce there (she may have to be the person to file the paperwork). If you want to file for divorce in the new state, you may have to live there for a certain amount of time before you can (6 months is pretty typical).

      Filing fees differ in each state and can range from $65 to more than $400. It’s at least nice to know what you are getting into by filing in a certain state.

    2. Iguessso Says:

      I don’t know, but think of this if you sell a house and aren’t physically present in that state for the closing, you get your attorney to be present.
      Wouldn’t that work in this case too?