My previous employer owes me money…can I sue him?

I was a case manager at a personal injury law firm in Manhattan. I was told in my interview that I would get a percentage of the cases that I settled (before trial). The percentage ranged from 1-5% depending on how much work I did on the case. I settled 1.3 million dollars and never saw a dime. He refused to pay me. He would not even see me to discuss the situation. I have since moved on to another job. Can I take legal action towards him? Will small claims court see my case? Can anything be done in this situation? (It is important to note that NOTHING was ever put in writting, it was all communicated verbally. )

Thank you.

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4 Responses to “My previous employer owes me money…can I sue him?”

  1. Chauncey Q. Buttercup Says:

    "An oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on." – Sam Goldwyn

  2. Bishop McFeely - Altar Boy Lover Says:

    "It is important to note that NOTHING was ever put in writting"

    Then you have no case. He knows this. That’s why he won’t see you.

  3. vote no for the party of no Says:

    you could sue but you have no real proof

  4. Hd Says:

    you work(ed) in the legal profession and you’re asking strangers here if you can sue? of course you can, the amount you would sue for is more than the maximum amount allowed in small claims so you’ll need a lawyer. did you ever receive a percentage from other cases you settled? if yes then it’s obvious you had a legal verbal agreement with your boss. if this was your first case or never received a percentage from other settled cases then it might be harder to prove you had an agreement. talk to a lawyer, hopefully a honest one. good luck.