New Laws for Drivers in Georgia | 2010 Edition

2010 has been a year for changes for Georgia drivers.  From seat belts, cell phones, text messages, and speed, it has been the year of change.  Learn the new laws to keep you out problems.

Let us talk about the new seat belt laws.  All of you truck drivers out there, and I don’t mean tractor trailer drivers, must wear seat belts.  For the longest time, the more rural areas of Georgia fought hard not to have to wear seat belts.

In part it make complete sense that if you are on the farm, why wear your seat belt.  That is just stupid.  But, when you “come to town” you didn’t have to.  Well, now you do.  I am sure that on the farm if the police came by and you were turning around on a public road, they would probably let you slide.

Moving on to text messages.  Georgia join like almost every state with reason to ban texting while driving.  I have done this before.  It was not smart.  It was very distracting and impossible to do successfully.  Now, I am not 16 years old, so I know when I text, it is slowly.

Kids under 18 will no longer be able to talk on their cell phones while driving.  This is also a change to the current laws in Georgia.

Moving to the new speeding laws.  If you are caught going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit, you are busted with a big fine.

That raps up this discussion of driving laws and accidents in Georgia.  Check out my website for more information.

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