No win / no pay attorney in work accident with no workers comp?

Ok…I’ve posted several questions about an accident that I had at work and my boss did NOT have workers comp. I will post it below after these questions. It’s clear that I will need to hired an attorney or file with workers comp who will then go after him themselves. So….I was reading that he could be found negligent for not carrying workers comp. Is this a type of situation to where personal injury attorneys might take the case in a "no win-no pay" type thing? I’m SO BROKE after all of this there’s no way I can afford an attorney. Thank you!

Original post – "I had an accident at work in Colorado late last September and it resulted in me having to have surgery. Bills amounted to over ,000. My employer did NOT have workers comp insurance and he’s required to by law.All he had was basic liability insurance. Also, he just works under his own name. Not incorporated or anything. NOW…the foot is infected and I’m having a second surgery. I feel like I HAVE to pursue him legally now. I just can’t afford this. I talked to workers comp in Colorado and they said that I should file claim with them and they would make him pay what I’m entitled to PLUS another 50% of that total as a penalty for not having workers comp insurance. My question is….could I settle privately with him for a smaller amount? Other than his house, I know he doesn’t the means of paying such an amount but COULD probably do something smaller. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!"

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    2. Kyle Stroud Says:

      You need an attorney to insure best results. But you could settle with him out of court probably. Most time "No win no pay" attorneys only work this way because they are almost certain that they will win. Most attorneys offer free consoltations you should use one of these and know all your options call more than one lawyer. I suggest calling as many as you can and telling them the situation and asking them if they will work for no win no pay. Ask him for a settlement ask him to just pay for your bills.