Only those who wants to help me!?

Imagine you are a juror on a personal injury civil trial. The plaintiff is a 76 year old woman who, while walking down the street in broad daylight allegedly tripped and fell on an exposed electrical wire that was in the middle of the street as part of a street light replacement project. She claims she didn’t see the wires, despite the fact they were red and green. The plainiff broke her nose and right shoulder, and require two shoulder replacement surgeries.

As a juror what other information would you want to know about this case before you can deliberate and what personality characteristics mentioned in the text would come into play in your verdict decision?

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4 Responses to “Only those who wants to help me!?”

  1. Uh huh, go on I'm listening Says:

    Were the wires (other than their colors) clearly marked with signs that stand up on the groun, like "wet floor" signs do? Was the sidewalk closed off? Was there another route noted for pedestrians to take?

    Personality charactistics? All I can say is who in their right mind would deliberatly fall face first? On their side, back, hands first, sure I’d buy that. But not face first. So would I consider her a "fraud", absolutely not. Would I consider the workers responsible? Depends on how clearly marked the area was, if the area was clearly and visably marked, I’d have to say it was an accident under no one’s fault but the lady’s neglegance. If it was not clearly marked, the worker’s company’s fault.

  2. turbo Says:

    how good is her vision and how big are the wires was there any signs for construction

  3. sickofdeadbeats2 Says:

    Where their any signs around the area? Why wasnt it surrounded with cones? Does she wear glasses? did she wear her glasses?

  4. STEVEN F Says:

    That is all I want to know. If she could not see well enough to spot the wires, she should not be crossing the street without assistance. There were NO personality traits in the question to consider.