Parents!!! I need your input plz?

Would you allow your child to go to a school field trip after reading the following stipulations?NOTICE: WAIVER/RELEASE OF LIABILITY

I, the undersigned do hereby expressly acknowledge that the Program’s activities involve risks, and I, on behalf of myself and my minor childiward named herein as the participant, do hereby voluntarily assume any and all risks such of injury to my person and property, or that of my minor child/ward, which may result directly or indirectly from my and/or my minor childlward’s participation in these activities, including such injuries caused by the negligence of the Broward County, the above named municipality/agency and their respective officers, servants, agents and employees. I understand that my personal insurance bears primary responsibility in case of an accident involving myself of my minor childlward. I, on behalf of myself and my minor child/ward, do hereby voluntarily release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Broward County and the above named municipality/agency and theirrespective officers, servants, agents and employees, for any and all claims, liability and causes of action whatsgever which I, my heirs, assigns, or successors may have against any of them by reason of my or my child/ward’s participation in the Program’s activities, including such claims against Broward County and the above named municipality/agency and their respective officers, servants, agents and employees, for damages whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence of Broward County and/or the above named municipality/agency. The information relating to water safety education lessons for my child/my ward, may be released to the various state, county and local government and agencies.
It is a swimming field trip for 2nd graders going to an Olympic sized pool, 2 lifeguards.
The part I snag up on is that by signing this paper I release them from responsibility should the pool/county personnel be found negligent & my child become injured/killed whilst on the field trip.
Child is a beginning swimmer.
Has never swam without supervision.
Follows rules, isn’t a mad head.

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7 Responses to “Parents!!! I need your input plz?”

  1. mguardian_north Says:

    I’m not a parent but if I were, I would NOT sign that. That sounds like the kind of waver to sign for transporting an animal in the cargo bay of an airplane.

  2. nursir2b Says:

    Wow, looks like they did their legal homework. The big question is where is the fieldtrip headed and do you feel confident in your childs ability to make good choices on the trip? How about joining as a chaperone-probably would ease others parents minds, also, if you did.

  3. b b Says:

    thats pretty much a standard field trip release form if the trip involves any kind of activity that is physical

  4. ssss Says:


  5. Samo502 Says:

    You have to sign that for any field trip. My parents had to sign them every year regardless of the place.

  6. revsuzanne Says:

    Okay… this is about the County not wanting to be held responsible if your kid does something stupid or dangerous at the local pool.

    My question is… has your kid been through training for "drown-proofing" and has he been taught how to float and swim?
    If this is a field trip, who is the chapperone and who all is attending with the kids? Who is taking responsibility?

  7. Stormy S Says:

    So, don’t sign the paper, your child won’ be allowed to go period. IF you want your child to partake in the event then you will HAVE to sign the papers. I don’t see the problem…YOU as parent of the child has a decision to make regarding YOUR child.