Personal Injury Claim?

Hello, I work at a Sonic Drive-In as a carhop. I was taking an order out and slipped and fell on ice and broke my leg in two places, I snapped my tibia and fibula in half. I was placed into immediate surgery and a metal rod was inserted in my leg. I was hospitalized for 2 days before being released. I was unable to walk for 2 months and have attended physical therapy since then. My leg still swells up and there is light to moderate pain. I have returned to work but I have to take a break every hour as advised by my doctor. I still walk with a limp. I have recieved workmans compensation for my loss of work and covering my hours since I cannot work as many as I could before. I have talked with one lawyer in OKC and he wants to start a lawsuit. I was wondering if this would be a good case, an estimate on how much I could sue for. What types of things I can sue for (negligience, pain and suffering, etc).. And how long it would/could take too get a settlement.

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3 Responses to “Personal Injury Claim?”

  1. MrKnowItAll Says:

    Who are you suing?

    Normally you can not sue your employer, workers comp is it.

    Injuries involving broken bones are great, damages are easier to prove than back injuries. The trick in this one is proving anyone other than your employer was negligent.

    You can sue for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills. If you want a good settlement it could take a couple years.

    Talk to your lawyer about how much he thinks the case is worth.

  2. jaker Says:

    Who do you think is neglegent? What makes you think so? Makes a difference.

  3. RyeRye Says:

    Agreed with above. If your state lets you sue your employer (depending on the state, you may have to reduce your settlement by any amount you recieved in workers comp.) then you could probably best recover against them. Its a little unclear what you mean by ice, ice cubes, ice on a sidewalk, if it was outside it could be a property management company that gets sued, unsure of those facts. Slip and falls can be hard cases.