personal injury claim!?

i brought a car from a garage but it kept breaking down id threatened to contact trading standers so they took my car off me to repair free of charge. they offered me a courtesy car and as i couldn’t get insurance on it as i was only 18 they said they’d insure me as a gesture of good will (turns out they didn’t)

i was at a roundabout in the car when a small corsa rolled back slightly and just touched the my car then drove off with the Tyre’s screeching and swearing at me. they rang the police saying id crashed into them and i had to go in give a statement regarding the no insurance. (i cant remember if i mentioned the accident in the statement) i went to court but no charge was brought against me and i have no criminal record now.

but 3 years on these people have put a claim into the motor insurance bureau and have been paid out close to £14000 for whiplash. apparently they have doctors notes (but surly this can be put/lied about)
ive been contacted for a solicitors saying i have to pay back the money or i shall be taken to a civil court!
what on earth should i do?
it seems unfair when no damage was made to the courtesy car and no damage was made to their car. the police didnt pursue the accident just the no insurance. they never got out the car to ask for insurance details or to accuse me there and then.
i dont feel i am to blame for this what do i do?

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One Response to “personal injury claim!?”

  1. Marc Says:

    This does not sound right at all. You need to fight this. Do you have any witnesses on this when the police report was filed did they mention any of this to the officer in charge. Let me know. What country do you live in! I own