personal injury claim?

Hi I want to know did I have claim or not
I make 000 year and now disabled
In a accident based on 50-50 ..I lost my spleen and tail of pancreas and surgery on ankle and there is also very minor injuries.
I can’t drive truck anymore my entire life.
My lawyer handle my case without any question 4 years before and Now he want to settle with the insurance terms and told me that money is enogh for you.
otherwise He do not want to proceeds with my case anymore.
My trial is just 60 days away.

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    2 Responses to “personal injury claim?”

    1. Megaman Says:

      What does "in an accident based on 50-50." If that means that you are half at fault, then they will reduce your verdict by half. Your lawyer may well have evaluated the claim appropriately. If you cannot work, i would recommend filing for social security disability.

    2. Johnie Frontera Says:

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