personal injury claim against me?!!?

i brought a car from a garage when i was 18 but it kept breaking down they took it in for repair and offered me a courtesy car as a gester of good will. they promised me they’d insure it as my insurance company wouolndt as i was so young. turned out i didnt have insurance they didnt do it!

8months later i got a letter from the police summing me to court as id apparently hit another car from behind and i didnt have insurance. I DID NOT HIT THIS CAR! i went and gave statement and it ended up in court i was found NOT GUILTY and walked away. but now 3 YEARS LATER ive got a letter from a solicitors saying this third party has claimed for 3 whip lash cases totalling £14200 and the motor insurance beurau had paid out. and i had to pay up. what on earth do i do??? i did not crash into the car i was found not guilty for the insurance so i was not prosicuted no points no fine!
they have said they can take me to court and can take the money straight out my wage packet every month. this seems so unfair. ive always had insurance for my oen car and i did not do this!

please help me i cant cope with this not slept or anything!
tried to ask police for my documents but apperntly they wouldnt of kept them because no charge was brought against me so they not allowed to keep them. and court wasnt regarding the accident it was regarding the no insurance

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3 Responses to “personal injury claim against me?!!?”

  1. oklatom Says:

    Gather your documents from court showing that you did not hit the car from behind. Then invite them to go ahead and take you to court to try to collect, and when they do you will show beyond any doubt that you did not hit the car and will them counter claim against them for putting you through the trouble.

  2. James Says:

    fuck that retard tryin to sue u!

  3. mbrcatz Says:

    You send the copy of the court judgement, and explain that you were not driving, and this isn’t your accident.

    If you went to COURT, before a JUDGE, and found NOT GUILTY, there’s going to be a record of it SOMEWHERE.