Personal Injury claim? Please help.?

Me and my wife were in an accident which totalled our truck. (the whole front end is smashed in)

My wife was hurt severly.
I’m in Ait. in the army.

My question is is it possible for her father to handle our case with our attorney. My wife can’t because she’s in too much pain, I don’t really have time to because i’m already juggling taking care of my wife when home and having to pass my studies.

Her dad on the other hand has experience with this ( was electricuted years ago.)

So would it be possible for him to? I’d like to know what you guys think before I call and ask my attorney and look like an idiot.

Thank you for your answers
Can her father just be given poa for just the case? and how do i revoke it after this is done. They are doing their job, But there are still other things in the matter having to be takin care of … like the airbags not coming out. The little settlement the ins comp is trying to give us. And thanks for wishing her better.

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3 Responses to “Personal Injury claim? Please help.?”

  1. Libraryanna Says:

    Her father can be given power of attorney. But really, the attorney is supposed to do all the work. They should be requesting the bills, the medical records, and negotiating with the insurance company. There should be little for you to do except get treatment and call the attorney to let them know your work and treatment status.

    If your attorney isn’t taking care of everything, you should find a new attorney. That’s the reason for having one.

    I’m assuming you are in the US

    Edit: yes, you can give him a POA just for the case, it’s a limited power of attorney. And it can say that it ends when the case is settled. You can always revoke it at any time.

    Why isn’t your attorney handling the little settlement? Or is that for the airbags? If so, the attorney might want to do a different suit on that because the injuries would be much more severe and there’s deep pockets and a lot of money there.

  2. njyogibear Says:

    yes, you could give power of attorney to your father in law. I hope your wife gets better soon.

  3. loser1051 Says:

    Your attorney and insurance can handle most if not all of it. Talk to him about it.