Personal injury firm Portland, Oregon

Kevin Lucey is a Portland, Oregon, personal injury attorney and criminal defense lawyer with a reputation for working tirelessly for each of his clients. A veteran trial attorney, Kevin Lucey has over fourteen years of experience trying cases in State and Federal courts for individuals, consumers and business owners.


As a Portland, Oregon, personal injury attorney, Kevin Lucey is experienced with filing personal injury complaints in specific jurisdictions, and can review with you the pros and cons of trying personal injury cases in various Oregon counties, including Multnomah County, Washington County and Clackamas County.


There is no charge for Kevin to evaluate your personal injury claim. All of Kevin’s personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis: meaning no recovery, no charges. You can visit this Personal injury firm based in Portland, Oregon


Personal Injury covers a broad spectrum of injuries. Whether you are injured in a car or truck, on a boat, bicycle or motorcycle, or even walking, the insurance company is unlikely to offer to fully compensate you for your injuries unless you have a lawyer. I believe that in all but the smallest cases you will receive more compensation – even after deducting the attorney fee – if you use an attorney. I will help you to properly present your claim and to negotiate the best possible settlement. If need be, we will file suit in order to obtain adequate compensation for you.



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