Personal Injury Solicitors- Resourceful Help at Low Costs

Personal injury solicitors deal with claims against insurance companies for personal injuries. Personal injuries dealt by these solicitors include fatal accidents, head, neck, whiplash, wrist, shoulder, ankle, knee, spinal, hip, fractures, loss of limbs, sight or hearing loss, dentistry, mental trauma and any other injury caused by motor accidents, trip and fall accidents and work place accidents. The accidents should have happened to the client due to no fault of theirs. The accident should be proven as a third party fault.

What do these personal injury solicitors do? How do they help you out? How do they get the maximum benefits out of the case? Does employing a personal injury solicitor cost a fortune? These are questions in the mind of all clients before they approach the law firm. Personal injury solicitor is an experienced lawyer dealing absolutely with personal injury claims. He/ she will give you clear and practical advice about the contents of the case and if you stand chances of winning in your case, and about the level of compensation you may be entitled to.

The lawyers take care of all the paperwork, the claim filling form and all insurance papers and collect evidence for your case. Evidences include doctor’s report, hospital bills, repair bills, police reports, accident site sketches/ photographs, salary certificate. Loss of earnings and extra expenses incurred can be claimed as compensation. Legal cost and court fee can also be recovered from the opponent. Personal injury lawyers have an on hand experience. In case you deal the case yourself the opponent lawyer may talk you into accepting minimal compensation which may not cover up your medical bills. These lawyers can negotiate with the opponent’s lawyers as professionals and get you maximum compensation for your claim.

These personal injury solicitors operate on a no win, no fee basis. That means you don’t have to pay your lawyer unless the lawyer get you an out of court settlement form the opponent or a favourable court verdict. The basic fee of the lawyer includes court fee, lawyer fee and other expenses like travel. In case the case is won they charge a fee called success fee which is agreed during the signing of the contract. And by instructing the lawyers directly you avoid having to pay a part of your compensation claim to an intermediary. In case the claim is unsuccessful you need not pay the lawyer.

Claims are entertained for three years from the date of the injury. Claims are entertained on the actual injury suffered and not on the near misses. The aim of the personal injury solicitor is to maximise the compensation you will get, to speed up the litigation process, and to make sure every client gets to keep each penny of the compensation awarded. Personal Injury Claimants should have access to justice in the court of law and have a peace of mind that they will not be at a loss of money in case they win or lose.

Personal injury solicitors
will look after all aspects of your personal injury claim and will get paid only when the deliver positive results.
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