Personal Injury

A personal injury can be a scary thing to have to deal with and it is important that you do not suffer alone. You can claim compensation for your injury, giving you the financial backing you need to no longer live in fear of the impact of your injuries.

The very nature of the way we live our lives means that nothing is a certainty and we can never be sure what will happen next. It is often common to take part in a job or livelihood that is inherently high risk, or puts you in a situation that you would not normally undertake if money is not involved.

When choosing employment in such high risk situations, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure that all relevant safety and security risks are assessed fully, and that all steps to ensure safety are taken. If this is the case, then the employee should not be at any real risk due to the correct regulations being enforced.

Unfortunately, there are however many cases where employees fall victim to malpractice or simply negligence on the part of their employer. These cases will most likely result in an accident at work, or injury to the employee; these situations are suitable for making injury compensation claims with the help of personal injury solicitors.


What is a personal injury?

The term personal injury is often said in this modern age, but many people saying it may not fully understand what it entails. A personal injury can be any injury that is mental or physical, and is caused to the injured party purposefully. This can include:

* Road accidents

* Trip or fall on uneven pavement

* Assault

* Harassment

* Injury caused by a defective product

* Being given incorrect equipment in the workplace

* Unsigned spillage or tripping hazard in a public place

If any of these situations occur, with the help of personal injury solicitors, you could claim for compensation in the form of a monetary sum from your employer or from the organisation involved.

The nightmare scenario

Take this imagined scenario where many of these situations occur in the same day: In the morning while travelling to work, you stop at the traffic lights with you brake lights clearly visible and with no other cars in sight, then a few seconds later you are hit from behind by another vehicle.

Your car is towed away, but you then have to continue your journey by foot. As you are walking you trip on a paving slab in the street that is protruding and not clearly marked, causing injury to your knee. You are able to have a cast fitted to your leg in a nearby hospital, and thinking that nothing else could possibly go wrong that day, you decide to continue by cab to your workplace.

While at work, you are given defective equipment that results in an acid burn to your hand and another trip to the hospital. At this point you decide to call it a day and leave work for a nearby restaurant for a relaxing lunch. While in the restaurant, you slip on some unsigned spillage, causing you to break your arm, thus completing your nightmare day.

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