PI Settlement and funds disbursement?

This pertains to NY.
Ins co settled my personal injury case stemming from an auto accident several years ago this May and sent a settlement check to my lawyer. She’s claiming that they have to verify that there are no medical liens attached to my name… Every time I contact her, she’s giving me the same excuse that she’s still awaiting response from the verification agency and its been months.
Is there anything I can do to expedite the process? Should this really be taking this long? Should I contact bar association and complain?

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3 Responses to “PI Settlement and funds disbursement?”

  1. El_Nimo Says:

    Doesn’t take this long to verify if there’s a lien. Plus not to mention the fact that she should have gotten all your medical records and providers. If you owe money to any medical providers, they sure as heck would’ve been calling you, not waiting for you to maybe show up and pay.

    Write her a letter politely informing her of the situation and then follow up with a new letter from a new attorney.

    Good Luck

  2. Phoenix Says:

    Ask for the name and number of the verification agency yourself. Also contact the Bar.

  3. ggraves1724 Says:

    Either the bar or another reputable lawyer.

    Doesn’t sound right to me!