pre-action discovery?

what is a pre-action discovery?
Does it has anything to do with s33(2) of Supreme Court Act 1981?

SC Act 1981 reads:
on the application, in accordance with the rules of court, of a person who appears to the High Court to be likely to be a party to subsequent proceedings in that court in which a claim in respect of personal injuries to a person, or in respect of a person’s death, is likely to be made, the High Court shall, in such circumstances as may be specified in the rules, have power to order a person who appears to the court to be likely to be a party to the proceedings and to be likely to have in his possession, custody or power any documents which are relevant to an issue arising or likely to arise out of that claim……… disclose or produce documents.

This is a case of anderton v clwyd county council where it was argued on whether the effect of dyslexia suffered by anderton can be regarded as "personal injuries" within the Sc Act 1981?

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