Product Liability and Personal Injury Claims

Product liability cases keep Los Angeles personal injury lawyers busy. To learn how to find a lawyer in Los Angeles contact one of the many Lawyer Referral Services in the Los Angeles area.

Product liability is when distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and any others who manufacture products sell a product that injures a person by product defect or false marketing promises. The manufacturers, distributors, etc., are then liable for any damage that is caused to the consumer because of a defect in a product.

Claims can be based on strict liability, breach of warranty or negligence. There are no federal products liability laws so statutory provisions are diverse throughout the states. Model Uniform Products Liability Act or (MUPLA) can be used but it is merely voluntary.

Another code that has been in existence since 1952 is the Uniform Commercial Code. This code was brought about to help protect consumers when they do business across state lines. For example, there may be a product manufactured in State A, warehoused in State B and sold in State C.

Consumer protection statutes provide specific remedies for a variety of product defects. For example, there are lemon laws that protect the consumer against being sold a very defective automobile. There are also recalls that occur for food and for products.

A variety of lawyer referral services can assist in recommending outstanding Los Angeles product liability lawyers. Good lawyers in the Los Angeles area are able to assist clients as they prepare to bring lawsuit against the company or person whose responsibility it was for the product defect that caused injury to them or a family member.

Personal liability obliges the individual to be responsible for an incident to a person’s mind, body or property by paying the injured party with their assets. A personal injury lawyer can help. One way to find a good lawyer is to use a lawyer referral service.

Breach of warranty occurs when there is an express warranty, implied warranty or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The express warranty states a particular stipulation in a written contract. An implied warranty is a guarantee imposed in state law. The seller may not have made the promise but the buyer will still receive protection.

Finding a personal injury lawyer who has experience with product liability cases can be originated through one of the Los Angeles referral services. Many good lawyers practice in the Los Angeles area. Once you receive a name and phone number, it is critical that you meet with the attorney in person so that you can obtain a written retainer agreement and agree on an hourly rate.

You must prove that the product is defective either by manufacturing or defects in marketing. Design deficiencies can occur prior to the product being manufactured and could be dangerous to use because of a design flaw. Manufacturing defects occur during production or construction. Marketing defects may include improper instructions or the failure to warn the consumer about known dangers.

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