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The risk of vehicle accidents is increasing with almost a thousand people dying in 2008 in Louisiana alone. The number of car accidents has also increases drastically. If you are the victim of an accident because of another person’s fault or negligence, you must fight for your legal rights and compensation. You can hire a Baton Rouge accident lawyer, to help you with the process and take your case for financial compensation. There are many law firms who would be more than willing to take your call for a free evaluation of your claim.

Co-relation between factors and vehicles involved

The vehicle involved often affects the seriousness of the accident and injury to a large extent. Light trucks, minivans and SUVs are the biggest culprits in accidents causing around 41% of the fatal crashes in 2008. The unfortunate part is the negligence of drivers of these vehicles who do not even take the basic precautions. 2.8% of the fatal crashes had involved a larger truck, an 18 wheeler or a tractor trailer. Traffic congestion, over the counter drug usage, problems with the brake, tight deadlines and fatigue of the drivers who often go without sleep or meals could lead to the bigger accidents. A lot of motorcycles too are involved in fatal crashes. Motorcycle drivers are usually not covered and are hence vulnerable in accidents with the bigger metal bodies of vans and trucks. Extreme injuries are very common in motor cycle accidents.

Why do you need a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer?

It is a common misconception that the insurance of the vehicle driver responsible for the accident or your own insurance will pay you the damage. It is your right, true, but you often have to fight for it, with insurance companies, denying paying the complete claim amount and trying to avoid the situation by paying a minimum and reducing their financial loss.

What to do if the fault wasn’t yours?

Facing severe personal injuries, broken bones etc. could affect your life. Although, the injury or the physical problem along with the pain cannot be allayed, a Baton Rouge Accident Lawyer can help you file a case claiming compensation from the transportation owner or the vehicle driver for the injuries and other indirect losses you have sustained. A Baton Rouge accident lawyer can also help you get an out of court settlement, especially if the counterparty is concerned more about the damage to reputation than about the financial implications. The Baton Rouge accident lawyer is also the best person to decide what is the better strategy, the out of court settlement or a proper trial.

A Baton Rouge accident lawyer will evaluate your long term treatments and other medical records to check what the damage that your injury can warrant is. They will ensure proper justice is served and whatever money in terms of damage claims you are to receive, will reach you, either from the responsible vehicle owner or the insurance companies or both, thus obtaining maximum benefits for you or your family.

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