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Maritime Law firms exist because of the Maritime Industries. Why? It was because Maritime industry was one of those rapidly growing industry and eventually one of several numbers of industry consider as risky. The accidents and the personal injury cases was the product of the said risk and the risk was cause by the working routine of the workers of the maritime industries. You could observed through news and current events updates the increasing numbers of cases of accidents of personal injuries involving maritime industry.

Because of the increasing number of series of unexpected incidents in maritime industries, it was in year 1920 through senator Wesley Jones passed the law that would give justice to the cases of the maritime workers and the other issues like sailing, vessels, manufacturing, transportation of goods and passengers by means of water. The Law was called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 or commonly known as the Maritime or Admiralty Law.

For the maritime workers the mentioned was very significant because this was the basis of their claims in the event of the occurrence of unexpected situations like accidents and personal injury, the law states the privileges and the claims of maritime employee depending on it working status.

If the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 was the law of the sea and it protects the maritime employee against negligence of rights, why unsettled cases came to life? Primarily the reasons of these unsettled cases were on the choice that was made by the involved in the case.

Let us put it this way, a victim which who suffers accident or personal injury file a case for his claims against the company because of inadequate support and claims given. Along with the filing of case came the selection of a maritime lawyer that would defend you from a certain Maritime Law firm. On this juncture a wrong choice may left you case unsettled. It was very important to have the best lawyer who could defend you from the beginning till the end of the case and would not end in referring you to another lawyer. The quality of a firm may affect the choice of lawyer as well, often times performance of a maritime lawyer reflects to the maritime law firm. If a certain maritime law firm was known with outstanding performance then the lawyers were quality because whatever the firm’s status it was because of the lawyer’s performance.

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