Question about divorce and not telling my wife about my savings?

I was married for 3 years, 3 years of mental & physical abuse from my wife. I finally had the courage to get divorced. Ive now have to wait 6 week for the divorce to be complete. I have just recieved a nice fat cheque from a court case i won (medical injury) I have not declared this to my solicitor as i dont think my wife deserves one penny of it! what happens if i tell her when the divorce id over (after the 6weeks) would she be able to fight for some of the money? I think you should know that the compensation i recieved was paid to me because when i was little the hospital that was treating me nearly killed me by admoinistering an inccorrect drug to me. Would my wife be entilited to any of this money ?

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6 Responses to “Question about divorce and not telling my wife about my savings?”

  1. wonderinggurl Says:

    DONT TELL HER. she will fight to get some or even all of it. enjoy every penny of it. 🙂

  2. Winter Warlock is my hero Says:

    Do not cash that check until after the time period is past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ~JK~ Says:

    Since it was payment for an event from before you were married, then I would think that it would not be considered marital property. Best to check with your lawyer though.

  4. Mrs. M Says:

    No i wouldn’t let her know about it …It is your money and it sounds like she has treated you badly so why would you share it with her enjoy it yourself !!!!

  5. Angelica Says:

    Don’t risk it. Even if she can’t obtain any of the money, she can at least try, which will add to your stress. Just keep that bit of information to yourself.

  6. Allyn W Says:

    Keep quiet about it. Hopefully it involved a non disclosure agreement to it as well. Then you can always say you thought you couldn’t tell anyone about it if it comes up.