Removing the Emotional Guilt of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Many of us feel that suing another party is wrong and more complicated and costly than it might be worth. Is it even worth asking a personal injury attorney about it? Will you feel guilty if the person that caused your accident is in a worse situation than you are in? But now that you are living through the events after your accident you’ve come to the realization that insurance isn’t going to cover what your health really needs to get better, and that additional medical bills are piling up at an alarming rate. In some cases, you have not been able to return to work, and your injuries are severely compromising your prior quality of life and mental health. You are frustrated and angry, and wondering who’s going to look out for you and your family following an accident that may even have been the result of sheer negligence on the part of another person. But you just aren’t ‘that person’ that sues.


Filing a Personal Injury Suit


First of all, you must truly understand that filing a personal injury lawsuit for an accident, in nearly all cases, does not mean you are filing a lawsuit against a person, rather you are filing against an insurance company who represents that person. If you’ve been dealing with the insurance company on your own, and have been met with a brick wall at every turn, you know that insurance companies have little sympathy or respect for the fallout of your accident. The reality is that an insurance company is much more likely to settle for what your case is worth if they know full well they could be facing a jury trial against an experienced personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys and insurance companies are both highly skilled in the give and take of settlement negotiations, however insurance companies are also fully aware that once a personal injury attorney steps into the picture they are no longer dealing with an amateur, and the “game” changes.


Your Goal When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney


Once you have made the difficult decision to hire a personal injury attorney, you need to remember that this is a very emotional time for you; do your best to take the focus away from your anger and frustration, and ask yourself where you want to be once this case is over. Identify your specific goals–such as having all your medical bills paid-and ask the personal injury attorney you are interviewing to help you do that. This gives the attorney you hire direction and focus as well as something to work toward. Most personal injury cases are contingency cases, meaning you don’t pay your attorney until the case is settled, at which time he gets a previously agreed-upon percentage of the settlement. Hiring a personal injury attorney can be fraught with psychological issues, so it is imperative you find a personal injury attorney who is sensitive to your feelings regarding the lawsuit. Our featured personal injury attorneys have those skills and can be aggressive when you are hesitant, enabling you to receive a settlement and ease your financial burden.


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