San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers Give You Two Options

A devastating incident that leads to severe injuries results in set backs to people’s lives and often life just seems to stand still for months. Harmful injury causing incidents come all on a sudden without giving people a clue.

The subtleness of a life changing accident often makes people indecisive. A personal injury causing severe pain and suffering allows the injured to think only of obtaining medical care and treatment. Mental trauma only makes the situation more difficult. Following a major live changing even the injured experiences many problems arising out of the same accident. The injured needs help with medical care, filing a police report, repairing damaged car, applying for income substitution benefits, and informing his employer of his inability to return to work, all family responsibilities and monthly bills continue, they don’t disappear or go on hold because of the life changing event.

The injured also need legal guidance. It is important that the injured speak with a personal injury attorney following a major accident. Failing to obtain legal representation following a major accident can adversely affect the personal injury claim and following a personal injury lawsuit the things the injured party did wrong will become evident. Injured persons often are overwhelmed with things that need taken care following an accident, such that they postpone speaking with a personal injury attorney. This single step can solve a lot of problems and save a lot of time to the injured a personal injury attorney can help out with many things and will assume responsibility with many things pertaining to initiating a personal injury claim.

Personal injury attorneys help the injured get fair compensation and statistical data shows the injured do much better in terms of the amount of recovery than the injured do on their own, this is especially true on more severe injury cases. A personal injury attorney will not stop the injured’s suffering or change the negligent behavior of others, but certainly do a lot to put you back where you should have been if the incident had not occurred at all. A personal injury attorney helps insure that the offending party pay for what they did. That is what personal injury attorneys make possible.

It is best to select personal injury attorneys that work in the state where the incident occurred. If the person was injured in California and lives in Arizona, then a California license personal injury attorney should be retained. Further if the incident occurred in a San Diego County then the injured should obtain a San Diego personal injury attorney.

Most personal injury attorneys will not file a personal injury lawsuit right away, but will wait until the injured is close to recovery. After recovery many personal injury attorneys are able to resolve the claim without filing a lawsuit, for the remaining claims a lawsuit is filed. The personal injury lawsuit is then filed on behalf of the injured party. Very few personal injury lawsuits go to trial. The personal injury lawsuits that go to trial generally involve disagreement as to liability or the severity of the injuries.

When personal injury lawsuits go to trial the personal injury attorney works with the injured to insure they are prepared for trial and know what will happen. In the vast majority of cases personal injury attorneys do not charge fees, until the case resolves in favor of the injured and no fees are paid until the defendant pays. Personal injury attorneys are paid a percentage of the sum recovered for the injured and if nothing is recovered the personal injury attorney recovers nothing.

In personal injury claims there are basically two options. A personal injury lawsuit can be filed or there can be an out of court settlement. The settlement offer follows a demand by the personal injury attorney for payment for damages. When a settlement cannot be reached the injured has the option of pursuing a lawsuit. Personal injury attorneys can only advise as to what is best, but the ultimate decision is actually left to the injured party not the attorney.

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