School Bus Accidents

Parents trust that their children will arrive safely for school when they ride the school bus. Sadly, accidents involving school buses occur throughout the nation, causing serious personal injury and death. There are roughly 450,000 students who rely on the school bus to take them to and from school every single day. These 450,000 children don’t deserve injuries caused by another party’s negligence and leading to an accident.

Statistics involving school bus accidents include:

Nearly 17,000 children going to the emergency room for injuries received in a school bus accident
Almost 1,500 school bus accident fatalities since 1990
Over 40% of school bus accident fatalities occur between 3:00pm and 4:00pm

Causes of School Bus Accidents

School buses are large and their maneuverability is not like that of more nimble vehicles. They usually drive more slowly that other vehicles around them, but buses can roll just like any other vehicle in an accident. Because they do not have seatbelts, the occupants are thrown around in collisions or rollovers.

Some of the most common causes of school bus accidents include:

Poor weather conditions
Driver negligence
Defective school bus
Dangerous roadways
Improper maintenance
Driver inattentiveness when children are crossing in front of the bus

Injuries Caused by School Bus Accidents

Injuries caused by school bus accidents can be serious and life-changing for your child and the rest of your family. Surgery, rehabilitation, and long-term care can, and do, bankrupt families.

Common school bus accident injuries include:

Cuts, bruises, and lacerations
Broken bones
Traumatic brain injuries
Spinal cord injuries
Burn injuries
Internal injuries

Receiving compensation for these kinds of injuries is important for many families so that they can pay medical bills, make up for needed time off from work, and other damages. These are difficult cases in which to prove who is negligent. It could be the bus company, the bus driver, the bus manufacturer, the driver of another vehicle or somebody else. An experienced school bus accident attorney can help you with your case.

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