Scope and Limitation of Personal Injury

There are many areas of practice in law. There are lawyers specializing in real estate, and there are lawyers who handle family law. There are lawyers who handle criminal cases, and there are lawyers who handle immigration issues. Then, there are lawyers who handle personal injury.

Personal injury is a legal term pertaining to injury to the body, mind, or emotions caused by accidents or negligence. The flow of the proceedings and the eventual monetary compensation depends on the severity of the injury. Pain and suffering as a legal term pertains to the damages or trauma inflicted upon the individual. This is the reference for the court procedures on personal injury cases.

Accidents are the most common forms of personal injury. Although some accidents may simply be forgiven, some damages are severe enough to count as grounds for personal injury. Physical or emotional trauma and health problems count as evidence for personal injury.

Road accidents can count as personal injury because these potentially threaten the lives of the parties involved. In this case, the questions that come up include who was at fault and who was injured. In the simplest sense of the word, accidents are not intentional; rather, road accidents occur out of negligence of traffic rules or lack of consideration for others. The severity of the injury such as bone fractures, paralysis, or even brain damage amounts to appropriate compensation.


Personal injury cases also include work accidents like having a desk accidentally toppling over and crushing a colleague’s foot or toe. Perhaps the injury arises from being fed food the injured person is severely allergic to.Oakland personal injury attorneys are there to determine the negligence involved in the occasion and the amount of compensation necessary.

Medical negligence is another very common case of personal injury. This includes being given the wrong medicine, suffering physical damages following cosmetic surgery, or permanent mouth paralysis after a dental surgery. Health care is intended for the common good; there are Oakland personal injury attorneys who can handle this type of case. Foremost of his tasks is to determine the extent of negligence if any.

An Oakland personal injury lawyer determines the extent of negligence involved in the case rather than intent. When intent is involved, that could amount to crime. Personal injury is a tort that requires compensation rather than a crime which necessitates penalty.

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