Senior Citizens and Auto Accidents

Senior Citizens and Auto Accidents

As we age, some of our capacities become diminished. Eyesight can fail, reflexes become slower, hearing may be less acute, and judgment may become impaired. As such, some people may believe that senior citizens in Cope Coral and Lee County, Florida are more likely to cause auto accidents than are younger drivers. However, statics show that those over 65 are actually less likely to cause an accident than those under 25, but run a much higher risk of fatalities and personal injury.

Some states have considered stricter driving regulations and increased screening for senior citizen drivers. While this might decrease the instances of accidents caused by seniors, it would do nothing to protect senior citizens involved in accidents where they were passengers, or not the responsible party.

Potential Dangers for Senior Drivers

Senior citizens involved in auto accidents have an increased risk for injury due to increasing frailty as we age. Injuries that are not debilitating to younger drivers can make life for seniors much more difficult. Included in these injures are:

Injuries to the back and neck
Broken bones
Traumatic brain injury
Internal bleeding and organ damage

When you are involved in a car accident, it is important to have a medical professional thoroughly examine you to determine if the injuries you sustained are serious. Some injuries may seem inconsequential at first, but upon further investigation may turn out to be severe and even life threatening. No matter the extent of your damages, you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you get the full amount you deserve.

Senior Drivers Increased Risk of Causing Auto Accidents

Studies show that senior drivers are most often given citations for driving in the same manner as a distracted driver. Failure to stop, erratic lane changes, improper turns, and failure to yield the right of way are among the most common mistakes. In some cases, accidents can be avoided by other drivers using their reflexes and driving defensively; but accidents cannot always be avoided. When an accident occurs, not only are senior citizens at an increased risk of injury, but everyone involved shares that potential.

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