Should you always reject the first offer to settle in a personal injury compensation case?

My solicitors calculation is around 400k, which I know is the very maximum imaginable and was never really a figure I might receive.
The case is almost 5 years old and I suffered a moderate head injury (agreed by both sides neurological specialists), fractured skull, slight visual impairment, anosmia, loss of taste etc
I am mortified at the dirt they have dug up about me, including a pregnancy termination over 15 years ago. So they are playing hardball. 18 months ago I accepted a 25% responsibility for my accident (which I’m not really happy about, but wanted the case to progress). Today I received an offer of £57,500,00 (from which all sickness benefits will be taken back).
I am seeing my solicitor, neurosurgeon and barrister on 12th February but in the meantime I want to know if first offers are always rejected or if I may have to settle for this amount. The court hearing is scheduled for between July and mid September.

What is the likelihood that I will have to settle for this amount?
I have scoured the net and am more confused than ever.
Are first offers always low-ball?
They are associating my depression and lethargy etc to an already evident problem because I took anti depressants and saw a counselor 10 years ago after my husband died. They are painting me very Black, I am so upset.
At the time of my accident I had a fantastic job and had 3 promotions in 4 months, I was part way through 2 evening class qualifications so even though they are making me look bad, my life was on the up at the time of the accident.
My partner lost his job because he had to look after me and my daughter quit her college course to help so it affected all our lives quite badly.
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One Response to “Should you always reject the first offer to settle in a personal injury compensation case?”

  1. thresher Says:

    Better this time to settle,as dragging this out more will cost all parties more.Then move forward.Put it behind you.