Slip and Fall Injury and Premises Liability

Slip and fall injuries are commonly associated with premises liability cases. In addition to slips and falls, there are a wide range of accidents and injuries that happen to individuals every year that are the responsibility of an individual or business. Premises liability laws make the person in possession of premises or land responsible for injuries sustained by individuals who visit their premises. These types of claims can be difficult to pursue. Knowing the law where the injury is sustained is essential.

Premises liability cases can result from a wide range of situations related to dangerous conditions or unsafe operations. Property owners or renters are responsible for dangerous and hazardous conditions that they know or should know about, or failed to correct and didn’t adequately warn visitors of the condition. Examples of these conditions include a staircase in need of repair, a ‘pot hole’ not filled or snow and ice not removed. The dangerous condition can be one that is hidden but that the owner should have reasonably known but the property owner is under no obligation to protect visitors that are obvious and reasonably expected.


The first and most important thing to do is seek appropriate medical attention. The severity of an injury is not always immediately apparent so seeing a physician or emergency room may be necessary.
Timely reporting of the injury to the property owner is an essential step. There are statutes of limitations that must be considered to make sure that the claim is considered valid.
Documenting the accident and injury is also important. Pictures of the accident scene adequate to document the hazard will be a significant asset in processing a claim. In addition write a narrative of the conditions including floor, lighting, operations in process at the time, and anything else that describes the incident and conditions at the time.
If there are any witnesses to the injury get name, contact info and statements from each of them.
If you are injured on a business premises a management or security representative may take a statement. Get a copy but do not sign anything.
Do not provide statements to the premises owner, sign anything or imply any personal fault.
If contacted by a claims adjuster or others representing the premises owners interests do not give any statements until directed to by a personal injury attorney.

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