Some Basics On Personal Injury Litigation

Significant personal injuries can result from car, motorcycle, or truck accidents, professional malpractice (like hospital malpractice), and even slip and fall incidents.

People who have suffered from very serious permanent injuries have been awarded court room verdicts of many millions of dollars. These injured people are extremely grateful for the assistance of the legal professionals in their personal injury lawsuits.

Personal injury legal matters may include both substantial damages and loss from not only physical injuries, but also emotional and psychological damages as well. Typically, more substantial injuries result in a larger impact on the injured persons life.  Likewise, for these more significant lifelong injuries, there is generally a higher compensation warranted.

Compensation in injury cases may include payment of lost of wages and the cost of past and future medical expenses. Where the actions of the wrongdoer are especially bad, punitive damages, or punishment damages, may be warranted.

Here’s an example of a Hawaii injury case.  In Honolulu, a federal judge awarded compensation in the amount of $11.3 million to the family of a young boy who suffered permanent brain damage injuries resulting from the negligence by Tripler Army Hospital personnel.  In recommending lifetime attendant care for the injured boy, the magistrate noted the boy is severely retarded in motor skills.

Hospital negligence is a very common type of personal injury legal matter.  When a patient suffers injuries as a result of the wrongdoing of a health care professional, the patient, or patient’s family are entitled to receive compensation for, among other things, the significant care required to treat the severely injured person.

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