Someone fell down my manhole……..what will happen?

i am having work done outside the front of my house and have had a drive dug out,where a manhole used to be we discovered the hole under the manhole was double its size and was being covered by a slab,the manhole was broken so we put two 2x3ft 2"thick,slabs over this hole,one of the slabs cracked but i had nothing els to replace the 1slab.
a door2door sales man stood on the crack and fell,i have had a letter from a solicitor,he says his food went down,and caused injury.
my neighbor went to help hin up as i opened the window to him,i couldn’t understand why of all the places to walk he had to walk across it.on opening the window to him,i said…..what did you stand on it for??he has probably had my neighbor as witness(we do not get along)after he fell…..he continued to work(door2door)i saw him!
will i get sued?
i live in a council property….can they evict me?i did ask permission 4 drive to be done.
i have heard that if i dont have money he cant get any if it goes to court.
door2door sale people work at there own risk(does anyone no this for sure?
i am more concerned about being kicked out my house!

i dont work,my partner does but a low wage,plus our benefits,but house is in my name as he moved in at a later i dont have a penny!

also…..someone told me to say that i saw him purposely step on it!

drive is being done by me and my partner as a cheaper option,cant afford a company drive.
i do not live in a privat house it is council owned.
i have no money what so ever.
anyone can see there is work being done.
i live in the uk.

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5 Responses to “Someone fell down my manhole……..what will happen?”

  1. guardian_hero0001 Says:

    You need to talk to a lawyer or public law services on this one. Sounds like you should be able to claim that they are trying to set you up so they get free money. Or they are just really stupid for not seeing what was blatantly obvious right in front of them. Next time, remove everything and if they are that blind, survival of the fittest and they die in the hole they were too stupid to see to begin with.

  2. Little Ms Teeny Tiny Says:

    He did it on purpose, why the hell would you get sued if he went and walked in to a man hole to fall.
    Say exactly what u said in court and u wont gets sued

  3. Peter Griffin Says:

    You could say when he was walking on you saw he began to tap it with his food (that area) because he may have felt it was a different sound compared to the rest of the paving 😛

  4. Dave Says:

    ok well for one if the home is council owned in australia they are the ones who have to maintain the home and drive + all services and anyone can sue these days even i could sue you for askin this qstn it is stupid but if you can prove that the salesman kept walkin you have a good case i would ask some ppl in the street they may help you if the matter goes further if the sales man went to their house after yours the thing of you guys doin the work your self doesnt matter if you have permission there doesnt need to be liability insurance for private property work ( in australian law anyway ) and i wouldnt lie about him standing on it if you didnt see it if you did then you can but it could make it worse if you lie if he could see the crack and its really vissible take pics and show how visible it is ..
    hope this helps

  5. ros Says:

    I’m Australian. It sounds like a set up!
    The good thing about having no money is that is in our country you can get free legal aid. Its probably the same in the UK.
    The other good thing is that he can’t take what you don’t have.
    Have you thought of going to the police and asking what to do. They might be able to help. And start taking photos. The path he should have taken, the path he did take etc. – him walking on the job etc.
    Good Luck